Taking Good Care of the Old Trees 

We could have different kinds of trees around our surroundings and some of them could be very young and some of them could be old like more than 100 years. Of course, older trees could give a different view and presentation to the garden especially when they are growing very healthy and have the best kinds of leaves and branches. They have the great benefits when it comes to giving a good shade to the people during the summer and day time and also for the different animals like birds. Proper tree pruning service Bellevue would give a good growth to the older trees and at the same time it would not damage the overall looks of the trees around.  

 Taking Good Care of the Old Trees 

We could get resources from those bigger trees and we could make some of them like our furniture at home like the tables, chairs and even the closets at home. Some of us would make this one as their living job or they get income from this one like making a smaller type of house or for the house flooring. Not only to that, but bigger and mature trees could be a good protection against the heavy rain and the flood that we can experience during the very strong typhoon. They can absorb the great amount of water from the heavy rain and make sure that there will be no soil erosion that might happen or have in your city.  

We have made a list of the things that you need to do in order to keep the great health of the older and mature types of trees in there 

Even they are old, they still need some care from you and they need to look good as well like having a trim of the leaves and the tree branches. In this way, you are trying to get away from having them looking old and not so pleasant to the eyes and you can maintain the appealing view of them. At the same time, you are preventing them from having unhealthy parts and remove those parts with diseases like the leaves with the harmful disease and maybe contagious to others. You don’t need to cut them down every day or every year but you just have to give them some care even once a year by trimming the parts down.  

Whenever the summer comes, then you need to make sure that you have the time to give them some water as they might experience drought and be dehydrated and die. You may use a garden hose to water them and of course, try to do this one in the morning and not in the afternoon or even during the noon. Try to remove also the possible cause of diseases like the bugs that are living there as they might eat the leaves and bring sickness to your mature plants. If there are dead trees or plants around the healthy plants, then you need to make sure to remove them out as soon as possible to avoid getting the diseases.  


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