Eco-Friendly Home Decorations Using Wooden Pallets 

Believe it or not, home decorations can become ridiculously expensive in a blink of an eye. If you don’t believe that all you need to do is to visit the places or department store that sells those things and you can definitely find yourself in a place where you could just say, woah this cost this much?

Well, good news for you people who like to save on the money but still want legit decorations for the home. You can actually do- it yourself if you like because that is something that you can achieve. You can get that chic decorator or recreate it from something for a fraction of a price. So, whether you are a wooden pallets Houston kind of girl or an industrial concrete kind of gal. This article will be about eco friendly home decorations you could use for the home.

There are ways for you to achieve a pretty good-looking home decor using wooden pallets. You can completely take down the wooden pallets, and just make them look extra awesome, or you could do a little tweaking to make something new from it. It all depends on how creative you can get.

So, here are some eco-friendly home decoration ideas you can do with wooden pallets.


Create a pendant lamp easily with a wooden pallet. Take it apart. Use one part as it’s base, then use what was left and make a box crate looking thing just a lot smaller. It could look extra awesome rather than awful and you would thank people later for it.


You can again get something out of your pallet. One single pallet can be created into so many things. In this case it would be a gadget holder box. You basically just create a box, it could be as big as a shoebox if you have that much gadgets or it could be a quarter of a shoe box. Put in some divider and voila you have a gadget holder.


Ladder shelves for decorations is a really good way to create surface area while still giving the place a lot of space to work in. There is no need for you to be extra hassled with tables and drawers. You can just get a ladder and design as you go. It is a pretty nice place to have.


What doesn’t scream as decoration more than a wall artwork. You can basically make the pallet into a canvass where you can paint anything you like. From trees to something abstract it all depends on you.


Who said that woodwork and clogs won’t work together when it comes to the mechanized things? It is something that you should think about all the time. So, that could be a fun project to try. Totally quirky and eco-friendly.


Up for a little designing? You can turn a wooden pallet into bookends. You can create blocks out of them and paint over them. It all depends on how creative you get about it.

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