What to do When You Don’t Know What to Do 



There are few moments in life where you just wonder, what are you doing with your life. Are we doing something that makes a difference? Are we working hard towards something bigger than ourselves? Those are just some of the question we ask ourselves when we don’t know we aren’t so sure of the path we have taken so far. We sometimes wish that we could go into a birth center and be reborn. However, we all know that, that isn’t the case at all. We cannot be reborn in that way but we can still find our way.  


Looking for the path that settles our soul is a process and sometimes it can be arduous or it could be a long wait. However, if you could settle down and make sense of what you have now, you will eventually find what you are looking for. So, don’t worry if you aren’t so sure on what to do with your life now. You will find something to do eventually. In this article, you will learn some activities you can do to try and discern what it is your soul is looking for amidst the myriad of choices you have.  


  1. Go Hiking  

Sometimes the easiest way to find yourself is to do something so simple but without too much distraction. Leave your phone in silent, put on your work out shoes and then go biking. It is rather a simple activity but, sometimes the answer can come to you that way. Don’t worry too much anymore just have fun and do it right.  


  1. Volunteer  

Do some volunteer job, there is such joy doing some volunteer job. It is rather a tedious job but it is a fulfilling activity to do. Doing something because you have a goodness in you that you would like to cultivate. Volunteer work is something that is a lot more satisfying than the jobs we hold. So, if you want to try to have that kind of feeling, this is a good idea to try.  


  1. Do What You have NOT done Before  

There are a lot of good ideas that we put in the wayside because we think that it won’t be a good idea. We think too much that we often hurt ourselves in the process. Why not try it just once if it works out for you. You never know you will find a love of doing such things. It is rather something that you would find unexpected joy.  


  1. Learn a new Skill  

Another thing, you should try something new you might like it. This one may become something that you would totally enjoy in the long run. It is rather important to note this. Try something you have always been interested in doing but never had the time to do. You could do a little bit about cooking, or you can also try a little bit about painting, sewing, bartending, becoming a barista.  


When you want to find what your soul would feel so, relax for, what your soul would love to do in the long run. Do what you want and then go with the flow.  

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